7th & 8th Grade BBQ at PS 34

“Strengthening the leadership of churches and communities through 20/20 will help to build healthy children, strong schools, and exceptional employees of the future.” – Frances Hesslebein, former President of the Girl Scouts of America and President of the Leader to Leader Institute

20/20 Vision for Schools represents the cutting edge of education reform in New York City because it provides a framework for community leaders, students, and ordinary citizens alike to come alongside academics and experts and engage the issues in meaningful ways.

20/20 launched as an awareness campaign in September 2008, and functioned as a partnership between the New York City Leadership Center, a NYS 501(c)(3) organization, and the Coalition of Urban Youth Workers, an unincorporated association of grassroots youth workers from New York City. Through the end of 2010, 20/20 primarily advocated among community stakeholders about issues of educational inequity – where the place of one’s childhood determines the quality of one’s education – and inspired them towards meaningful service.

Leveraging a modest budget of only $200,000 over two years, this first wave of advocacy demonstrated an overwhelming willingness among grassroots leaders to wrestle through their role in supporting and sustaining reform. More than 2,500 leaders gathered at various 20/20 Vision-cast events in that time, and more than 190 local organizations – churches, businesses, and neighborhood non-profits – adopted schools.

The response to 20/20′s Awareness efforts demonstrated the need for 20/20 to move beyond inspirational vision casting to demonstrating the effectiveness of our model and providing tangible onramps for engagement. To this end, the founding partners agreed to incorporate 20/20 as an independent 501(c)(3) in 2011 with the express purpose of proving 20/20’s Theory of Change and scaling its impacts into a sustainable movement.

The law firm of Morgan Lewis & Bockius LLP represents 20/20 pro bono for the corporate formation and 501(c)(3) application process.