“Why do we tolerate a world where children born with God’s genius are going to schools that are not nurturing that genius? … You’ve answered a call to do more, to act more.” - Hon. Corey Booker to 20/20 Vision Organizers, 9/18/08

20/20 inspires action by raising the consciousness about educational inequity through awareness efforts that include ideation, publishing, speaking, conferences, and social and traditional media campaigns.

Since September 2008, 20/20 and its partners have convened 2,500 leaders at various New York forums (conferences, churches, network meetings, and college groups); facilitated multi-sector strategic roundtables with more than two hundred community stakeholders; published scores of articles and blogs in local and national publications; and published introductory curriculum that has been taught in more than twenty cities around the country.

Many of the articles, talks, and curriculum published by 20/20 are available for free at our Resource page.

In addition, 20/20 has moved public education from a back burner issue within many high leverage New York City churches, to a compelling priority by translating the issues in ways that resonate within that culture.


Invite a 20/20 representative to speak at your event or host a 20/20 Vision Cast at your church or gathering by emailing 2020vision4schools [at] gmail [dot] com. Please include an descriptions of the event and audience, date and time, honorarium information, and preferred topics.