Core Strategy: What We Do

20/20 Vision for Schools mobilizes and equips New Yorkers of all social sectors to engage the issues of sustainable reform in meaningful ways. (Read more about our mission and purpose here.)

We achieve this by empowering community stakeholders — individuals and institutions like businesses, non-profits, congregations, parents, students, etc. — to join educators to address the challenges of educational inequity holistically. We believe that sustainable reform will be achieved when the responsibility for educating children is shared by community stakeholders and the constituencies they lead, not outsourced exclusively to politicians, teachers, and academics.

To this end we:

  1. Inspire action by raising awareness about issues of educational equity and ways in which community stakeholders can engage the issues meaningfully.
  2. Mobilize stakeholders (both individuals and organizations) to move from awareness to action by equipping them to respond to felt needs strategically.
  3. Nurture stakeholder/school Partnerships by implementing planned actions
  4. Document and sustain Reform by rigorously evaluating impact metrics tied to four key educational outcomes: graduation and attendance rates, and reading and math proficiency.

 The Critical Path: How We Get There

20/20 moves community stakeholders from no engagement with schools to holistic engagement according to the following critical path.

Along the way, engaged stakeholders will:


  • Hear 20/20 Vision-cast.
  • Qualify interest.


  • Designate leader/team.
  • Receive ongoing 20/20 training and coaching.
  • Adopt a school.
  • Cultivate school relationship/s.


  • Customize strategy to match school needs with stakeholder assets.
  • Establish cooperation agreement.
  • Recruit and train volunteers.
  • Implement strategy.


  • Measure impacts.
  • Document results.