Partner through Giving

20/20 Vision for Schools is a non-profit that exists because of the partnership of generous people and foundations whose gifts make our work possible.

General Support

Your tax-deductible gifts help sustain our effort to provide the community supports that make great education possible for New York City’s most vulnerable students.

Unless otherwise indicated, every dollar you give to 20/20 Vision for Schools will be be allocated to our general fund to help change the odds of college, career, and life success for students regardless of race, neighborhood, or family economics.

20/20 Vision for Schools can receive monetary gifts by mail; by credit card via Amazon Payment or Square (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover); or by electronic withdrawal from your bank account. This enables us to send you a tax receipt.

By Mail:
20/20 Vision for Schools, Inc.
8225 5th Avenue #323
Brooklyn, NY 11209

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Specific Projects

From time to time, we provide specific giving opportunities, and you may direct your giving anytime as well.

A Note About Credit Card Fees

While we do accept electronic gifts by credit card, our preferred method of electronic giving is by electronic fund transfer (e-check from your bank account) for two reasons:

  • Although many people pay off their credit cards entirely every month, others don’t. We don’t want to encourage anyone to accumulate debt.
  • Gifts by EFT have much lower fees. Up to 3% of your credit card gift goes to the card company per transaction (exact percentage is dependent on the card type); gifts by EFT incur a flat charge of $0.50 per transaction.