Prior to incorporating in 2011, 20/20 Vision for Schools was an awareness campaign operated as a partnership between the New York City Leadership Center, a NYS 501(c)(3) organization, and the Coalition of Urban Youth Workers, an unincorporated association of grassroots youth workers from New York City. As a partnership, 20/20 was governed by a Management Committee comprised of representatives from both organizations.

In 2011, 20/20 Vision for Schools incorporated as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization in New York.


The Founding Board of Directors of 20/20 Vision for Schools includes:

Jeremy Del Rio, Esq., Executive Director

jrd_headshotRev. Jeremy Del Rio, Esq. co-founded and directs 20/20 Vision for Schools, a movement to transform public education that launched in New York City in 2008, and connects, trains, and mentors youth workers regionally through Urban Youth Workers Institute and locally as the chair of the Coalition of Urban Youth Workers.  He has consulted ministries and nonprofits since 2000; and directed Generation Xcel, a holistic youth center in Manhattan, from 1996-2006. Jeremy was the founding, bi-vocational youth pastor at Abounding Grace Ministries (1994-2004), and also worked as a corporate attorney in New York. He has contributed to four recent books, including Deep Justice in a Broken World (Zondervan/YS 2008) and The Justice Project (Baker Books 2009), and his articles have appeared in Charisma, Willow, The Journal of Student Ministries, Relevant, and elsewhere. He and his wife Diana have two sons, Judah and Cyrus. Visit them online at (Complete bio here.)

Kevin Young, Director
Executive Director, Student Venture NYC

Paul Coty
Executive Director, Young Life NYC

Rev. Walter Sotelo
Lead Pastor, Inwood Church

Rev. Carlos Ortiz
Church Relations Director, Concerts of Prayer Greater New York