As inspiring as the Case Studies of community engagement are, sustainable reform will be achieved when educational outcomes improve for the city’s most at-risk populations.  To that end, we rigorously track and measure eight metrics related to our Core Strategy, plus related measures for specific programs and services.


The first set of metrics measure the activities connected to our Mobilizing efforts.  This set is not an exhaustive list of evaluation criteria, but provides the benchmark for stakeholder activity.

  • Leaders Trained
  • Schools Adopted
  • Services or Programs Initiated
  • Students Served


The second set of metrics relate to the transformational impact of 20/20′s community Partnerships.  Fundamentally, 20/20 exists to transform schools.  We believe that stakeholder engagement will catalyze transformational impacts within adopted schools, and we test this assumption by tracking the correlation between 20/20 activity and student performance improvements in four key areas:

  • Relative Reading Proficiency
  • Relative Math Proficiency
  • Relative Promotion and/or Graduation Rate
  • Relative Dropout Rate