In an ongoing effort to open source education reform, 20/20 Vision for Schools offers free and low-cost resources to equip community organizations, churches and volunteers to adopt public schools for meaningful service and advocacy. This page catalogs articles, best practice resources, workshops, and curricula to assist in that process. See also the growing collection of 20/20 Vision for Schools Case Studies for multimedia reports of what school engagement looks like at the community level.


Workshop Curriculum

  • 20/20 Vision for Schools: Transforming Public Education within a Single Generation of Students. The vision workshop, including PowerPoint and lecture notes.  Why educational justice matters and what communities and churches can do to respond. By Jeremy Del Rio (2008)

    “Adults promise children that if they stay in school they will be equipped to succeed in life, but we have failed to make good on that promise for generations — with high school graduation rates in some cities hovering at or below 30%. First-graders in Fall 2008 will graduate high school in 2020. Come explore how urban ministries can transform public education within a single generation of students by activating congregations, adopting schools, and becoming answers to prayer.”

  • We Got Next: Student Leadership by Students for Students Presented by Eden Martinez and Jeremy Del Rio at Reload NY/NJ (2011) [Video]

    Goliaths fall when adults like Saul get out of David’s way. Learn from student leaders how and why they’ve been empowered as youth to reach youth and transform their communities. For TEENS serious about creating change, AND ADULT youth workers who are ready to relinquish real authority for exponential impact.


  • Enter the Matrix: The How-To’s of School Adoption. The how-to adopt-a-school workshop, including powerpoint. How to start. How to grow. How to see results. By Edwin Pacheco (2008)
  • Presentations

  • Joshua Paradox: Empowering a (ge)N(er)ation At-Risk. Here’s the session that officially launched 20/20 Vision for Schools during the NYC Leadership Center Launch Event on September 20, 2008: “The Power of Promise: Empowering Emerging Leaders.” Includes Joshua Paradox powerpoint and audio from Jeremy Del Rio, Gary Frost, and Allan Houston.
  • Launch Weekend Powerpoints, The New York City Leadership Center Executive Forum , 9/18/08
    + Hon W. Wilson Goode, “Children and Youth in Crisis in America” — Includes extensive statistical research and demographic data about the plight of young people in America, especially the urban poor.
    + Jeremy Del Rio, “An Urgent Appeal for a (ge)N(er)ation ‘At Risk’” — Reminds us of the people behind the numbers. Puts flesh and blood on young people and those who reach them, with particular emphases on educational injustice and New York City.
  • The NYCLC and 20/20 Launch Event, 9/20/08
    + Jeremy Del Rio, “The Joshua Paradox: Empowering a (ge)N(er)ation ‘At Risk’” — The second half of “The Power of Promise: Empowering an Emerging Generation” general session co-led by Rev. Gary Frost with an appearance by Allan Houston.
  • Change We Can Believe in: Rediscovering ‘Real Religion’ for our Churches and Children,” an exploration of Biblical Justice and its implications for education reform. By Jeremy Del Rio (2009). Description:

    Shortly after noon on January 20, President Obama reminded the world during his inauguration: “It has been the risk-takers, the doers, the makers of things… who have carried us up the long, rugged path towards prosperity and freedom.”

    “Real religion,” James reminds us, requires decisive action and seemingly big risks to love mercy and do justice for our children.  Decades of wrong choices and indifference have robbed millions of the capacity to “study to show themselves approved.” Join Gary Frost, Edwin Pacheco, and Jeremy Del Rio for a frank conversation about the opportunity to right the wrongs of the past and move our churches further along the rugged path towards freedom for our kids.

  • Youth Prayer Session: “The Risk-Takers, Doers, and Makers of Things: Prayer for 21st Century Emerging Leaders,” a prayer agenda for young people.


  • Promo Videos
  • Tony Evans on Vocational Calling, May 29, 2008 @ Christ Tabernacle

    20/20 Vision for Schools activates people in faith communities to engage public education reform. 50-80% of each congregation is already directly connected to public schools, as students, parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, aunts , uncles, cousins, teachers, custodians, administrators, support staff, coaches, and more. As such they are positioned already to be agents of positive change. What moves a church from status quo lack of engagement to a transformative relationship with a school is an embrace of vocational calling. On May 29, Dr. Evans captured this idea in a classic, Dr. Evans speech as only a master orator can. Enjoy.

Best Practice Partners

  • 20/20 Mentors Matter, a collaboration with the Christian Association of Youth Mentoring
  • Heart of a Champion. Nine-month character curriculum for middle schools. Piloted with 1,500 students in three Washington Heights schools in 2008-2009