What Does 20/20 Actually Look Like?

It’s hard sometimes to visualize a paradigm. 20/20 Vision for Schools case studies bring the School Engagement Paradigm to life by profiling on-the-ground stakeholders engaging local students and schools in various ways.

PS 34′s 20/20 Vision Prototype
Stakeholders: Abounding Grace Ministries and Generation Xcel (Manhattan)

The story of PS 34′s adoption by Abounding Grace Ministries and Generation Xcel in Manhattan’s Lower East Side remains the primary inspiration for 20/20 Vision’s school engagement paradigm. Includes narrative, photos, and educational outcome data. // MULTIMEDIA

Welcoming DiverCITY: PS 102 Mural
Stakeholders: Crossroads Christian Church and Storefront Art Center (Brooklyn)

Explore how a Brooklyn church and community art center mobilized 400 volunteers to paint an 875-square foot mural project to create a welcoming environment for hundreds of immigrant students and their families. Includes narrative, photos, and video. // MULTIMEDIA

Operation Backpack
Stakeholders: Christ Tabernacle and The Legacy Center (Queens)

Walk in Pastor Ralph Castillo’s shoes as Christ Tabernacle discovers the “sweet spot” of community engagement for their church. // VIDEO

1.1 Million Students: Every 1 a Leader
Stakeholders: I Am My School (Citywide)

Discover how youth groups in all five boroughs are empowering students to create a culture of achievement in their schools, and provide voice to the most vested stakeholder in the education reform discussion. Includes narrative and external website with photos and video. // MULTIMEDIA

Affecting the ABC’s of Educational Policy
Stakeholders: Citivision and Heart of a Champion (Manhattan)

New York City spends more than $23 Billion annually in education, more than $21,000 for every one student in its public schools.  How it spends that money is a function of policy decisions made at the city and school levels. Read how one 20/20 partner affected the ABC’s of policy – Appointments, Budgets, and Curriculum – at three neighborhood middle schools. Includes narrative, video, and external best practice links. // MULTIMEDIA

Kickin’ it Old Skool: Empowering Authentic Student Leadership
Stakeholder: Latino Pastoral Action Center (Bronx)

Authentic student leadership — where adults release real power and authority to students — is rare. Read how Latino Pastoral Action Center partnered with 20/20 to produce the first student-led student leadership conference in collective memory.  Includes narrative, multimedia slideshow, and external workshop video link. // MULTIMEDIA

Catalyzing Kindness: Paint the Town
Stakeholder: Metro NY Baptist Association (Citywide)

Church denominations sometimes have a reputation for not playing well together, let alone for partnering with public schools.  Read how one denomination helped catalyze the formation of 20/20 by investing in local school beautification efforts. Includes narrative, photos, and impact report. // MULTIMEDIA

Inspiring 2 Million Parents, 1 at a Time
Stakeholder: An Empowered Parent (Brooklyn)

20/20 inspires individuals, not just organizations, to engage education reform meaningfully. Read how one Brooklyn parent took the challenge literally, from volunteering in a classroom to orchestrating a public art mural. Includes narrative and video.  // MULTIMEDIA



20/20 Vision Initiative Websites

In 20/20′s ongoing effort to open source creative school engagement strategies, we occasionally launch websites to track the ongoing progress of specific school initiatives. These websites serve as Case Studies in real-time, and upon completion provide a road-map for others to follow who might be inspired to lead similar efforts at local schools. Below are recent and current examples.

1. Jamaica High School, Queens

Track the progress of “I Am Now,” a performing arts-based student leadership program featuring music, film, and spoken word at Jamaica High School that launched on January 10, 2012.

2. Freedom Academy High School, Brooklyn

Explore 20/20′s efforts to empower students and parents to advocate on behalf of a school threatened with closure in Fall 2011, and follow progress of the “Free Indeed” drama and journalism clubs that launches on March 5, 2012.

3. PS 102, Brooklyn

Creative strategies at PS 102 provide two reference websites. The first chronicles the development of an 875-square foot, “Welcome” themed mural executed over six weeks by 450 volunteers from eight organizations plus students, parents, and staff. The website tracks the project from start to finish, and provides a template for everything from soliciting ideas from students, recruiting sponsors and volunteers, and how to empower mostly unskilled volunteers to contribute to a public art project of this scale.

The second tells the ongoing story of the Journalism Stars Club at the school, which was started by three parent volunteers inspired to empower students to both live and tell great stories. The road-map developed at this elementary school is guiding a high school journalism club at Freedom Academy.